Tutorial on Flying Machine Mini World Block Art

For the new version 0.45.0, we prepare lots of powerful functions. The most surprising one must be the flying machine! You can both create it in survival mode and creation mode!
Are you already eager to know how to make an airplane? Let me show you the steps
First of all, you need to know the 4 essential items to make the plane:
1. The first one is the Spacecraft thruster.
The spacecraft thruster is modified based on impeller 001. It won’t get overheated and can provide the aircraft with the power to climb.
2. Gas tank
The gas tank is used to store fuel (at most 5 bars)
3. The essential parts of the aircraft: Wing Block and Empennage
The wing block is used to assemble machine. As the machine moves forward and reaches the specific speed to generate lift. The lift is related to speed and wing block angle.
P.S: You can change the angle by combining Rotor and Sequence Editor.
As for the empennage, when it is at an angle to the direction of motion, it creates resistance that is perpendicular to the wing surface. The force can be changed by changing the speed and the angle of the steering wing.
PS: You can control the roll and pitch of the aircraft by changing the angle in combination with the rotor and Sequence Editor.
Here are the examples:
If you only want to create a simple aircraft that can fly. This is gonna work.
But if you want more complicated ones…You need to learn more and work harder.
By the way, you can also use miniatures to make it lighter and more delicate! Use your imagination and creativity to make your own aircraft!